The New Allerject Trainers Arrived!!

Author: Tamara Sylvan |

Hey hey, happy Tuesday!

So many folks have severe allergies (anaphylaxis) that an EPI Pen is pretty common - most of us would recognize one when we saw one.

Or maybe not.

Would you recognize a slim, grey rectangle as a way to deliver epinephrine to someone experiencing a severe allergy?

Allerject is a delivery device that has audible voice prompts to guide someone in taking or giving someone their prescribed dose of epinephrine. Yep. That's right, it talks you through the whole process. 

Having both Allerject and EPI Pen trainers in class is great, it gives students time to see and handle them in class, which is SO helpful.

However a person prefers to take their epinephrine is entirely their choice, BCPR Smart just wants folks to know there are options out there that may look different! Whatever you choose, do keep an eye on the expiry.

Have any questions? Shoot us an e-mail!

Take it easy,

the BCPR Smart team

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