I Get By With A Little HELP From Family, Friends, and the Red Cross!

Author: Tamara Sylvan |

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Have you, or someone you know ever had the need for expensive medical equipment for in home recovery after an injury or illness? You may not know, but the Canadian Red Cross offers a service called the Health Equipment Loan Program, or HELP for short! Read the story of Paul from British Columbia who used the HELP program during his wife's recovery at home. 

You Can Get Help When Help is Most Needed!

Paul Ravelle lives with his wife in beautiful Prince George, B.C. When his wife experienced some health troubles and ended up in the hospital, he took care of her. But when she was able to come home, Paul realized they needed some equipment which could have been an incredible cost. Paul reached out to the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) in Prince George, to borrow the equipment and it made the couple’s transition to healing in the comfort of their own home much easier.

“The HELP program was able to provide immediate support of professional-grade health care equipment when we needed it, from a caring system of volunteers at the HELP facility”, says Paul.
HELP ensures that people in B.C. can access essential equipment during the transition home, and they are supported throughout their recovery. 


The Red Cross HELP program is available in most communities, for more information go to  redcross.ca and look under the "In Your Community" tab.

You can read the full story on Paul Ravelle using the same link under Red Cross stories.



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