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Excited to be part of the team!

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Hello! My name is Stacy Hannah, the new partner at BCPR Smart! I am looking forward to meeting new and returning clients, and getting those First Aid and CPR skills sharp and fresh! 

Twenty years ago I graduated from recruit class to become a firefighter. In that time I have leaned on accumulated experience at medical calls to deepen my practice as a First Aid educator. A strong desire to help is at the core of everything I do. I encourage each individual in class to be curious, ask questions, and build on their own knowledge and experience. My skill is to facilitate how they engage with, and apply the information and skills. The end result? Having students who are confident and effective when they need to act in an emergency.

Tamara Sylvan and I were not only fire recruits together - yes, we were in the same graduating class 20 years ago – we also share a passion for the medical and first aid side of things. This interest has shaped my direction as an instructor.  I have taught CPR and First Aid to my peers for 17 years, as well as instructing Emergency Medical Responder material at the College level.

People take First Aid courses for many reasons: job requirement, personal interest and resume enhancement. Initially they view the material as something they just need to get through; they don't expect to enjoy it or have fun. It is SO gratifying to surpass their expectations of what a First Aid course should be. As an educator my goal is to ALWAYS strive to pull you in and get you involved!

BCPR Smart provides a safe, friendly, learning environment allowing people to feel comfortable and finds creative ways to explore course content. I let the dynamic of the class shape how I choose activities and learning methods to best meet the needs of each specific class while ensuring course standards are met.

Partnering with Tamara affords me her expertise and support as a seasoned business professional while continuing to develop creative and progressive teaching practices. This personal investment is what makes instructing matter to me, the greatest pleasure is generating excitement in the classroom and giving students ownership of the skills they learn and perform. I enjoy what I do and like to keep things simple; if I am teaching or writing a post for our website it all comes down to integrity and quality.

To stay sane, I balance out work and teaching with a healthy dose of dancing (house music forever!), and kettlebell sport training.  I volunteer with the Red Cross and at Camp Bucko, the Burn Camp for Kids in Ontario. If I can get in some camping sessions with my husband, I am truly one happy gal!

Again, I look forward to this new direction and meeting new and returning First Aid and CPR stars.


Take care,


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